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  • Tailored for versatility across projects
  • Proven fun with extensive testing
  • Save time with pre-designed or easily modified solutions
  • Inclusive designs for all skill levels, welcoming skateboarders and scooters
Double Fold slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Double Fold

Long Rainbow slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Long Rainbow

Ride-On Rainbow Kicker slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Ride-On Rainbow Kicker

U Turn slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

U Turn

Triple Curve slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Triple Curve

Double Curb slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Double Curb

Long Slappy Rail slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Long Slappy Rail

Curve & Banked Kicker slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Curve & Banked Kicker

Essential series

  • Steep and mellow side for easier and challenging experiences
  • Suitable height for sliding with board and grinding with truck
  • Common profile, easy to install without gaps
  • Lot of different shapes, create unique obstacles
Straight Block slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Straight Block

By far the most popular way to combine slappy roadwalls is to make long straight line. The two-meter pieces offer a good solution for this, minimizing the number of gaps.

A two-meter piece weighs about 100 kg. A single two-meter block can be skated quite well unattached.

Straight pieces are also suitable as a coping block on skatepark banks.

Straight Short Block slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Straight Short Block

It is not always possible to make a straight line from long pieces if the asphalt is uneven. Therefore, short pieces come in handy.

It is also a good idea to add a short straight piece between the various challenging pieces to calm the ride.

Transform slappyrotvallin tuotekuva


The mellow and steep side changes sides. With the help of the transformation, folds and curves can be used more versatile.

Rainbow slappyrotvallin tuotekuva


Rainbow is a really spectacular obstacle that can be used to improve the visual appearance of the skate park. The dimensions have been chosen in such a way that the obstacle would be moderately challenging.

The rainbow is well suited for edging the skatepark. It helps to sweep away the sand that has drifted onto the skatepark.

Inner Curve slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Inner Curve

Curves can make an obstacle more interesting and challenging. When placed at the end or in the middle of the blocks, the curve creates a unique, but moderately challenging, slappy curb ostacle. Putting several curves in a row makes challenging and unique obstacle that attracts skateboarders from afar.

Outer Curve slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Outer Curve

he outer curve provides a balance with the inner curve. When set consecutively, the direction of the driving line remains the original. Despite the name, curves can also be driven from the other side, allowing the skater to test his skills at a steeper angle.

Loose Inner Curve slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Loose Inner Curve

Tight curves have been liked obstacles. We decided to expand the catalog of curves with a looser, longer and easier one.

Inner Fold slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Inner Fold

An alternative to a curve is a fold. Both create an personal nuance to the slappy road wall. A folding piece made from one piece ensures that there is no annoying gap.

ZigZag slappyrotvallin tuotekuva


This special slappy curb RoadWall is well suited as a skatepark attraction. ZikZak challenges even the most experienced street skateboarders. Thanks to the length, the block stays well in place without installing. However, if glued, it is recommended to get straight pieces of a meter to ends to calm the ride in and out.

Kicker slappyrotvallin tuotekuva


Suitable for the end block of the obstacle. A kicker with a mellow radius allows for techical tricks with some airtime.

Unlike other obstacles, the steep side in the picture is towards the viewer.


Vertical slappyrotvallin tuotekuva


The vertical edge enables easier attachment to the wooden manual box. This piece is also better suited as part of in-place poured concrete obstacle.

Two vertical curbs can also be assembled into one wide slappy curb by connecting the vertical sides.

Slappy rail slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Slappy rail

Something between a slappy curb and a rail. The slappy rail gives more stability on slides than regular rail. For advanced skaters, it still works as a slappy curb.

Height: 25 cm

Low to high slappyrotvallin tuotekuva

Low to high

The piece connecting the low and the high slappy rail curbs. The gently rising curve enables versatile trick combinations.

Polejam slappyrotvallin tuotekuva


Traditional polejam. Works also on a steep wedge for the slappy rail.


Helsinki (Redi) skatepark

Helsinki (Redi)

Helsinki (Kontula) skatepark

Helsinki (Kontula)

Havumäki Ranch skatepark

Havumäki Ranch

Pihtipudas skatepark


Akaa skatepark


Pälkäne skatepark


Prague skatepark


Eura skatepark


Tallinn skatepark


Brooklyn, NYC skatepark

Brooklyn, NYC

Kuopio skatepark


Kaunas skatepark


Vesilahti skatepark


Silta DIY skatepark

Silta DIY

Saukonpuisto DIY skatepark

Saukonpuisto DIY

Bommari skatepark


Delivery & Install

We offer transport and installation service. Usually slappy roadwalls are installed using glue. We grind and seal the gaps to make the obstacle look stylish and compensate height differences of the asphalt.

We can also attach roadwalls to other roadwalls only. This way the obstacle can be moved. Contact us and we will figure best installation for your needs.

Custom Solutions

The blocks in the collection can be shortened, and the ends can be angle cutted to achieve the desired shape. We also make roadwalls with the profile and shapes defined by the customer. We can make lifting holes in the bottom of the roadwalls to ease moving. Roadwalls can also be painted with a color that better suits the environment.

What is a road wall?

People in Tampere, Finland, call curb as "rotvalli". The word rotvalli is formed from English words, road wall, which, however, does not have meaning in English. Until now. We pour some crazy slappy curbs in the rotvalli-area and we call them like we are used to, RoadWalls.