Crazy RoadWalls


Located in Akaa, Finland


Founded in 2022


Owned by skateboarders

Early days

Early days

Our journey began from a simple observation: while skatepark companies were busy constructing full concrete skateparks, often considered high-budget solutions, there was a noticeable lack of diversity in the mid-budget skate element industry.

Crazy RoadWalls was born with a mission – to provide skaters with high-quality, affordable obstacles that ignite excitement and elevate the skateboarding experience, filling the void for both low- and mid-budget solutions.

Our mission

Our mission

At Crazy RoadWalls, we’re on a mission to spread the joy of skateboarding far and wide, one curb at a time. We believe that every skatepark, big or small, should have access to high-quality obstacles, regardless of their budget constraints.

What drives us is seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they ride our curbs for the first time. That is why we have organized 30+ events in 10+ countries.

oskari lifting rainbow slappy curb block

How we do it?

jerry lifting rainbow curb with crane

How we do it?

We like to do it the proper way! Every curb we produce is crafted with love in our controlled manufacturing facility. This close attention to details guarantees not only high-quality standards but also adds a personal touch to every single curb.

All the curbs fills the SFS-EN 14974:2019. Plus, we gave each curb its own special code, so we can keep track of how it’s made and get feedback. This dedication to careful manufacturing helps us always deliver great products that our customers love.

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