aunas ZigZag slappy curb
Akaa Skatepark orange curb
Low to high RoadWall curb in Eura skatepark
Redi Skatepark double curved curb
4 meter slappy curb Kontula indoor skatepark
Pälkäne curved slappy curb on bank
Yellow RoadWall curb on granite plaza
Slappy kurb event kit at Krullipark, Tallinn
Slappy curb at Brooklyn
Kuopio Indoor park with slappy curb kicker
8 meter long Crazy RoadWall slappy curb in Vesilahti skatepark
Straight slappy curb (6 meters)
Saukonpuisto DIY double curve slappy curb
Single slappy curb in Bommari indoor skatepark
Inva wedge on slappy curb
Pihtipudas skatepark slappy curb kicker


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